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Face book  Moses Turgeman music page is  MOSES
Twitter: @turgeman_m
Instagram: mosesturgeman
Snap chat: M.L.T
URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=644muRk6wAI&feature=youtu.be
Moses began his formal study of guitar at the age of 7 with Avi Sharon. Grade 2 he entered school choir. Where he proudly sang many solo’s at school performances.
After school in the 2nd grade Moses also performed with a choir in Rananna Israel Shir Ronit with whom he recorded 2 DVD’s with Do Do { Daved Fisher}.
3rd grade he started voice lessons and electric guitar with the conservatorium in Hertzalia Israel.Moses continued his studies thru out the 2014 with Avi Sharon and the conservatorium.
2014 He was a main character in a music video with Guy & Yael. {acting only}
In addition to the school year Moses traveled Europe performing with street performers and The Obama Club in Spain .In his spare time he goes to concerts to study other musicians
In 2015 He moved to the Dallas and has been studying with private guitar teacher and voice teacher.
In 2016 he set his  goals to work toward applying for Booker T.
2017 Moses has performed in many clubs, parks ,restaurants coffee houses thru out  DFW area . He looks forward to many more.
At Present, Moses has written 8 original songs and is working on recording them now.
Moses has a wide variety of cover songs that he performs as well.
Moses has performed with some great musicians in his short time as a musician. Such as Avi Zingolda,Shlomi Shabbat,Eran Mitelman and Pablo Rosenburg.
In the U.S he has had the pleasure of doing a improve act with the legendary Marty Freedman.
The songs Moses will perform are originals.
A Day
 Clear Eyes         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sanz6j9d6w4